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About Us

Muovv is a truck share program that will assist with moving items from one place to another. We will come to wherever you need to pick up an item such as landscape materials‚ home improvement items‚ appliances‚ large screen tv’s‚ etc. We then follow you to your destination or meet you there to drop off your items. We only provide the transportation we do not provide the labor to put items on the truck or take items off the truck (unless agreed to by the driver)‚ refer to terms and conditions.

We only work with residential customers to help move household items not on a commercial scale. Before truck share arrangements are made we will ask what items are being requested to pick up or move. This allows us to insure we have the correct size truck available to assist you with your needs.

We are as close as your smart phone in your pocket or purse so never worry about buying something too big to fit your vehicle. You will always get that item home with Muovv‚ we are that friend with a truck.