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Sign up for a Haul

Fill out your information and go to the quotes tab and determine which line item matches your needs. The price at the end of that line is your cost for service. You decide if you want Muovv to pick up and deliver your merchandise.

If the line item price you select does not match your information your credit card charges will be adjusted based on the actual merchandise amount and pick up/delivery destinations.

Payment is due in advance of pickup so once you confirm you would like to use our services we will process the pickup at a time that is convenient for you.

Cancellation fee:

If cancelled when driver is scheduled and in route there will be a fee of $8.00.

If cancelled when driver gets to the pick up location you will be charged 50% of service charges.

There is no charge unless you accept the quote and debit your credit card.


Apply now

Must agree to terms and conditions before you will be able to send your information.